Having A Bowl of Bakmie Goreng (FRIED NOODLES)


© 2012 Liza W. Widjaja

Noodle, there are many different techniques of cooking noodle. You can boil it, pour sauce on top of it or fry them. Fried noodles also called Bakmie Goreng or Mie Goreng.

Bakmie Goreng is like Indonesian style of chow mien. The noodles fried with soy sauce, Indonesian sweet soy sauce( Kecap  manis), spices and some vegetables, meat, and eggs. It is a one dish meal.

When I’m at home late at night and hungry, I will make a simple Bakmie Goreng  for my late night snack. Using any vegetable that I have in my refrigerator and sometime I added some chopped Bakso (Indonesian meatballs), instead of chicken or meat. I just wanted something quick and nice.


© 2012 Liza W. Widjaja

I love eating noodles specially Fried noodles, I guest I get it from my dad. He loves any kind of noodles. I remember he used to take me to eat at night to this street hawkers, the area called Pecenongan and every time we went there we always order Fried noodles.

During the day you can not find any street hawkers in this area it is just a street full of car dealers selling used cars but by around 4 PM  when the store already close. You started to see the change, some people started preparing the tables and chairs and some of them starting chopping the vegetables, preparation for their long night.

They will open untill about 2 AM. When you sit waiting for the food to come you can feel the wind blowing and you starting to smell of the food they cooked in front of you in the open air. Then you ear starting adjusting with all the noise around you, the sound of car and motor cycle mix with the sound of wok banging, stir frying the food. The last time I went there  years ago together with my dad, my mom, my kids and the memories still with me.

2 thoughts on “Having A Bowl of Bakmie Goreng (FRIED NOODLES)

  1. cooking noodles is my favourite, there art in there. the flavour vegetables onion is very good. hmm the picture make me hungry.

    i/m hungry, this is a lot of works.

    add some eggs and perfect. whe i lazy i ussualy buy at hawker seller lesehan in Yogyakarta

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