Chinese New Year

I was thinking what I did when I was a kid during Chinese New Year

2016-02-09 15.52.33

© 2016 Liza W. Widjaja

What I can remember is every year
I was wake up by my dad, we have to get up early and get ready.
My parents started very early in the morning.

So I get up and get ready very fast
Then The Chinese New Year starts
Before we go to the gathering I have special time with my parents, I remember this special moment. I cherish very much and every year I’m looking forward for this moment
I am extremely happy to go to my grandparents’ house.
We have big families so its nice to see my relatives that you have not seen for a while.
We gathered, eat and get red envelopes

When I started to think of my childhood Chinese New Year
My tears dropped thinking of my parents
Thinking about the past that I cherish

2016-02-09 15.52.33.jpg

© 2016 Liza W. Widjaja

 New year period that are supposed to be happy
but sometimes I can’t help specially living far away from my parents and family
While we have to look at the future as encouragement
I always treasure my past too
That is also why I like to blog about my childhood memories, dishes, sweet, special places, and some other things.


© 2016 Liza W. Widjaja



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