Hi my name is Liza. I was born in Indonesia and now live in Nashville, Tennessee. Ittacook is a food stories, a collection of dining experience, travel diaries  and recipes from me, specially all about Indonesian food.

I love to cook & bake for my husband & kids. The best part when the finish product enjoyed & make people happy. I think my mother’s cooking & my dad’s love of food that build my passion for food today.

I didn’t know how to cook until I moved to study from Jakarta to London. I still remember the first time I prepared Ayam Kalasan ( chicken dish made of coconut milk, palm sugar & spices ) for me it was delicious. It remind me of home, my mom’s cooking.

I love to cook because….. I believe the best memories are usually made in the kitchen or over a great meal. Cooking is an expression of your self & it gives you that feeling happy when you create an amazing dish & cook for others.

When I was little my dad took me to many places to eat, he loves to eat well and enjoyed it & my mom her self is a good cook ( she cooked Padang food/West Sumatra island food), but since I moved here, it is not easy to find food I used to eat back then, Nasi Uduk, Satay, Rendang, Gudeg and many others. So that’s why I have to figure it out & cook it my self.

So here you will find all kinds of food that remind me of my Childhood & food that I taste along my adulthood. I post here are my creation.

Thank you for stopping by I hope I can inspire & share the joy of cooking & baking with the one you love and share the experience of different taste to some of you who might not know Indonesian but love to try Indonesian food.  Cook what you love and love what you cook. Feel free to comment, let me know what you think.

You can also email  me at : itta@comcast.net.  I appreciate it & thank you.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hey Ms Liza! Finally got a chance to look at the site. Nice job! Glad you put in the glossary or I’d have no idea what I was looking at. For all those who read this….I’ve had Liza’s cooking and its always delicious. I must admit though I might have a hard time shopping for ingredients as a novice. Where do you usually shop for your hard to find ingredients? Also, wish I could see the “american title” for the dish simultaneously without having to click on the dish. Overall it all looks great. Presentation A++. Man I miss your cooking.

    • Hi Jane, thank you for your kind words/comment, Usually I found my ingredients at the regular supermarket only a few that I have to look at the international market, let me know if you cannot find that specific item. I’m glad you like my cooking. Thank you again…

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