Having A Meal With Nasi Gudeg


© 2012 Liza W. Widjaja

Nasi Gudeg is a traditional food from Jogjakarta & Central Java. This sweet flavour dish is made of young nangka/ jackfruit cook in coconut milk, Javanese palm sugar and spices for several hours. The spices include garlic, shallot, candlenut, coriander seed, galangal, bay leaves and teak leaves. This Teak leaves latter giving the reddish brown color to the dish. Nasi Gudeg usually served with boiled egg, stewed tahu/ bean curd, tempe( soy cake )  and also Krecek fried in chilli sauce ( typical ingredient in Javanese dish ).


© 2012 Liza W. Widjaja

There are several types of Gudeg; dry, wet, Jogjakarta style, Solo style & East Java style. Dry style has only a little bit of coconut and little sauce. Wet one has more coconut milk. The most common from Jogjakarta usually more sweet, more dry and reddish. The Solo one is more watery sauce & white because there are no Teak leaves. East Java style more spicy and hotter taste.

In Jogjakarta Nasi Gudeg is easily found on almost entire street cafe, they called ” Lesehan”. I often go to Lesehan with my friends from work when we have to visit some of the store in Jogjakarta.

Gudeg Nangka( Gudeg Jackfruit )


© 2012 Liza W. Widjaja

Ingredients :

500 gram  young Jackfruit

500 gram fat beef bone

300 gram chicken with bone

6 eggs boiled & peeled

400 ml coconut milk

400 ml water

200 g Java palm sugar

10 small chillies

10 Teak leaves

5 Bay leaves

Salt as necessary

Direction :

Clean & wash the young Jackfruit, cut into smaller size. Boil fat bone & chicken for a while until it cook and soft.

Mix ground spices, palm sugar and salt, stir until it mixed.

Arrange Jack fruit, fat bones, chicken, boiled eggs, bay leaves, teak leaves and galangal in the steamed pan.

Pour coconut milk into pan & some water until they are soaked. Put the small chillies on top. Take out & remove the pan when the water is getting dry. Ready to serve.


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